Codewise Design

Business Applications

Software Development Experts

Over 25 years of experience of working with companies including

Microsoft  Boeing, EDEC Digital Forensics, Physio Control, Advanced Industrial Modeling and more.

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Shipping real products and creating internal applications.

Codewise Design is a coding business with a long history of creating software applications for the Windows platform using C#, VB and C++.

Experience in many other languages like PLC logic coding, PHP, HTML, Powershell and others.

Significant experience in shipping real applications and scheduling and producing products on a time line basis using Agile Methods.

The complete life cycle of applications has be completely utilized from Agile to the older Waterfall method to produce shipping products like being part of the Microsoft Exchange shipping cycles since it’s first inception as Exchange 4.0.

Bruce Gombrelli

Is the head of the company and is a Software Architect that has been designing software as a passion and job since the 80s.

Coded Solutions

We can develop your entire application and manage the team or be integral part of your total development solution.

 Software Project Management

Managing groups of developers and testers at companies like Microsoft require strong organizational skills. Agile methods are typically used these days to deal with the ever changing development requirements of modern projects. Our role is rarely management only, we often have to get into the real nuts of bolts of what is needed in code to make a product successful.  Quick development for prototypes is something we can definitely help with.

Design Patterns

We have extensive experience at using design patterns and have worked in situations using models like WPF and MVVM.  We temper our use of complex design patterns with the needs of a client. Small projects often take on a more modest life, whereas, larger products have the resources and time to develop using the most exotic of design patterns. The truth lives somewhere in between in the real world.  Code needs to clean, have good SOC, and be well designed and thought out, but yet delivered in a timely fashion.


Custom Solutions

Code often requires solutions that are dependent on the companies needs. Our goal is to help you achieve your goal without forcing an agenda on your company.